SAMBRA - Nicol Coachworks

SAMBRA (the South African Motor Body Repair Association), as a proud constituent association of the RMI, represents the interests of the Collision Repair Industry in South Africa.

SAMBRA is a national body that looks after the needs of almost 1,000 motor body repair businesses across South Africa.

SAMBRA represents the vast majority of the repairer market in South Africa that are able to achieve the standards of SAMBRA’ grading system. The grading system is devised to allow all levels of repairer to become a SAMBRA member, however restrictions are placed on our members in terms of the level of work they are permitted to carry out.

Why use a SAMBRA member?

Motor vehicle body repair can be very costly and accidents are seldom budgeted for.
So, if you are going to have to spend money on motor body repairs, choose to spend it well and do business with a SAMBRA member.

SAMBRA members repair over 80% of all insured repair claims in the country, and the variety of manufacturer approvals that more than half of our members have earned is proof of the superior standards that we uphold in the panel beating industry.
We pride ourselves in the quality workmanship offered by our members.

SAMBRA has almost 800 members nationally.
As an association, we promote, protect and encourage the interests of the motoring public by setting and maintaining proper standards of service and repair.

We also assist consumers to settle disputes through mediation and arbitration.

The SAMBRA Guarantee

There are no certainties in life… but by taking your vehicle to be repaired by an accredited SAMBRA member, we guarantee:

  • Qualified technical staff who will care for your vehicle;
  • Regular inspection of members’ premises to ensure quality and high standards;
  • Setting of the Highest Ethical and Technical standards in the Industry;
  • Dispute resolution through mediation and arbitration;
  • Comprehensive guarantee on repair work undertaken;
  • Products & services at market related prices.